Episode 69: A Nice Week

A busy week in the XFL gave us the 8th and final head coach announcement, a new player personnel hire in Dallas, and key dates for the development of the player pool. On this week’s show we dissect the hiring of June Jones as the XFL Houston head coach/general manager while also diving into the growing competition among the league’s teams as the begin to scout and organize information on players. Learn about the coming Summer Showcases which will act like combines for the league as the player pool is formed before this fall’s draft.

A week full of news gave us plenty to talk about. Join us and let us hear your thoughts @XFLShow on all social media outlets or call the XFL Fan Line at 724-565-4XFL!

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This is NOT the XFL Show Episode 16

This is a preview of our weekly Football show about everything else going on outside of the XFL. Give to our Patreon and get the full episode! Here is some of what is talked about this week:

Coin Toss

Flacco doesn’t care about helping Drew Lock develop as a pro QB. Should veteran QBs worry about helping rookies get better?


The Jets fired their GM a few weeks after the draft. Why fire the guy now?

No Huddle

Dak, AAF players in the NFL, CFL CBA, and more!

This is the XFL Show Episode 49: Follow the Leader

As we anticipate the NFL’s dreaded “Black Monday” and the XFL announcing the 8 Head Coaches/General Managers for their 8 teams, this week features a lengthy discussion on potential candidates. From “pie in the sky” names to realistic ones, on this episode you will get an assessment and a lively debate on what will make a perfect leader for each XFL team in 2020.


This is the XFL Show Episode 48: XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko

XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko gives us a behind the scenes account of what is being done by the XFL to acquire talented players. This is a fascinating conversation where Eric discusses, in detail, the types of players that will make up the XFL, as well as how the league is using Optimum Scouting to assist it’s future coaches and general managers. 


This is the XFL Show Episode 47: Enter the Football Laboratory

The XFL has revealed some of the rules that will be tested out prior to the 2020 kickoff. This week we enter the “Football Laboratory” and discuss which new ideas to re-imagine the game are good and which ideas need to be dropped. Also, an NFL coach is very excited for the XFL coming to his city and details on the league’s deal with the city of St. Louis.


This is the XFL Show Episode 46: The Great XFL Eight

This week’s show recaps the most eventful week for the XFL since the return was announced in January, featuring a break down of each of the 8 XFL cities and their stadiums. Alan, Vince, and Jake also discuss everything coming out of the test practices and test game being conducted by the league with junior colleges in Mississippi. This episode is loaded with XFL news you need to know as we celebrate the biggest week for the league thus far!


This is the XFL Show Episode 45: Cities & Stadiums Are Officially Official

Get a complete recap from today’s monumental press event as the XFL has now officially revealed all 8 host cities for the inaugural 2020 season. Bryant runs down all the events of the live press conference while Alan, who attended the event at MetLife Stadium, gives a detailed account you can only get here!


This is the XFL Show Episode 44: Big City Football

In a week that saw multiple reports on XFL cities being chosen, this week’s episode sets the record straight as we discuss everything you need to know when it comes to the future locations of the 8 XFL teams in 2020. As more news comes out, business is picking up and we are jam packed with great XFL talk and a huge week ahead for the league!

The XFL has a planned press event on December 5th to officially unveil the cities, but due to an accidental (or accidentally on purpose) leak on the league website, 8 cities have been named. On this episode, we discuss those 8 cities and we are joined by KSDK Sports Director Frank Cusumano to talk about his report that St. Louis will get an XFL team.


This is the XFL Show Episode 43: Thankful For Football

This week we give thanks to Football as we discuss the latest XFL news including a potential lawsuit with Adidas, CFL turmoil being good for the XFL, and how live televised betting elements in the Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson presentation could shape an XFL broadcast.

This week is also the return of our XFL Legend series with the spotlight on the one and only XFL MVP, Tommy Maddox!