Episode 107: Going Down to 52

Training Camp has ended and now each team must bring their rosters down to 52 players. With those big roster announcements looming, we put a bow on training camp and discuss the biggest takeaways from the last few weeks in Houston, as well as what else fans can expect from the final two weeks on the road to kickoff. Also find out why Seattle fans are staying true to form and hear about how St. Louis BattleHawks defensive back Kenny Robinson’s interesting journey to the XFL has just gotten even more interesting.

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5:33 – Anticipating teams announcing their 52-man rosters on Monday

7:50 – Reacting to this week’s transactions

12:10 – New Jersey approves gambling on the XFL

14:50 – Kenny Robinson declares for the NFL Draft

22:32 – Seattle fans are HYPED for the Dragons!

26:14 – Putting a bow on Training Camp

38:56 – What to expect on the final two weeks before kickoff

Episode 106: Dress Rehearsals

Recorded at TDECU Stadium following the first XFL scrimmage, Alan and Bryant recap what they saw after DC and Seattle squared off! Plus, Tampa Bay Vipers center Jordan McCray joins the show to discuss his time at training camp and what we can expect from Marc Trestman’s team. Also, get reaction to the Luis Perez trade and the latest league transactions as camp winds down.

6:00 – BattleHawks sign QB Nick Fitzgerald + other news and notes from around the league

10:35 – Luis Perez traded to NY

15:39 – Ref unis, stadium visuals, and other “first looks” on Scrimmage Day

23:14 – Good Crisp Interview with Vipers Center Jordan McCray

32:16 – Observations from the DC vs. Seattle scrimmage

Episode 105: Camp XFL

With training camp winding down, this week features insight from players as well as two of our hosts whose boots are on the ground at Camp XFL in Houston! Alan and Bryant give their take on what they have seen at various team training camps, plus, get the latest on transactions, fantasy football, and much much more!

Good Crisp Interviews Featuring…

Tanner Gentry, Demetrious Cox, and AJ Hendy of the New York Guardians
Tre’ Williams, Damien Mama, and Patrick Vahe of the L.A. Wildcats

6:15 – The latest XFL transactions
25:30 – Good Crisp Interviews
46:10 – Practice Observations and Standouts
56:00 – Potentially Playing XFL Fantasy Football
59:00 – Stories from Alan & Bryant’s Adventures in Houston
1:06:15 – Joint Practices and Upcoming Scrimmages

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Episode 104: This Rules!

Head of Officiating Dean Blandino joins the show to explain and discuss the reimagined rules of football introduced by the XFL earlier this week. Also, get the latest on the first full week of training camp and the sports wagering community preparing for the XFL.

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7:10 – Training Camp roundup

27:57 – Sports wagering and the XFL’s deal with Genius Sports

33:50 – Good Crisp Interview with Dean Blandino

57:37 – Reaction to Blandino interview + more rules discussion!

Rules Release Reaction Special

The XFL rules were confirmed and made official today! Get instant reactions and explanations of the key changes the league is making to reimagine the game of football.

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4:40 – Special Show Announcement

8:10 – The makeup of XFL officiating crews

14:40 – Landry Jones injury

18:06 – Kickoff rules

33:40 – PAT rules

42:30 – The Double Forward Pass

49:53 – Punt rules

58:30 – OT rules

Episode 103: This is 2020

Training camp is underway and the rules will soon be rolled out! The first week of 2020 brings a ton to dive into including rumors surrounding the BattleHawks offensive coordinator position, potential camp additions, and of course what the rules reveal will be like this coming Tuesday. The road to 2020 is complete but we are still onward toward kickoff in February with another jam packed XFL Show!

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Episode 102: Happy Kickoff Year!

It is the final episode of 2019 and this week’s show features a look into the hopes and wishes for what’s to come in 2020! Which player are you rooting for the succeed the most? Which coach is going to be the most talked about? What does success for the league mean in 2020? All that plus a deep dive into the roster breakdowns of each team heading into training camp.

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Episode 101: Minicamps Come to a Close

As mini camps finish up across the XFL this week, this episode features a glimpse at what went down at Bob Stoops’ camp in Dallas as defensive end Winston Craig of the Renegades joins the program. Also, Houston’s head man in charge, June Jones says “aloha” to the show to discuss Roughnecks mini camp, his run-n-shoot offense, and a ton more. The league also had its first trades made this week to go along with some other notable roster moves by a couple teams. All this, plus all the essential news from the XFL you need to know from the last week!

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Episode 100: The 100th Episode

As we celebrate 100 episodes, this week we look at what fans need the most out of an XFL mobile app and we get into some noteworthy news from Oliver Luck’s “state of the league” mini camp tour. Also, get a crash course in everything we’ve covered through our first 100 episodes on the road to XFL kickoff 2020!

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Patreon Preview: Uniforms Ranked

Preview of this week’s bonus episode where we ranked the XFL team uniforms.

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