Episode 68: Standing For Excellence

A blockbuster week is in the books as the XFL announced a huge TV deal with Fox and ESPN. Also, the L.A. franchise finally has their head coach/general manager and he is “feeling competitive.” Join us and get the scoop on Winston Moss joining the league as its 7th head man in charge and look ahead to the 8th and final HC/GM press conference in Houston next week! It was an amazing week on the road to 2020 and it is all covered on this excellent episode! Thanks for listening!

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Episode 64: The XFL Shootout

The Spring League has wrapped up in Texas and as the league was testing we learned a ton about potential rules that will be included in the coming league rule book, including the much talked about overtime “shootout.” This week we react to our chat with Doug Whaley and Justin King of XFL Football Operations as well as some of what Oliver Luck said during the week as he made his media rounds.

Also get the latest rumors on the XFL TV deal, a discussion on player tracking technology the league tested at The Spring League, and a look ahead at next week’s introduction of the New York head coach/general manager and team president.