This is the XFL Show Episode 46: The Great XFL Eight

This week’s show recaps the most eventful week for the XFL since the return was announced in January, featuring a break down of each of the 8 XFL cities and their stadiums. Alan, Vince, and Jake also discuss everything coming out of the test practices and test game being conducted by the league with junior colleges in Mississippi. This episode is loaded with XFL news you need to know as we celebrate the biggest week for the league thus far!


This is the XFL Show Episode 44: Big City Football

In a week that saw multiple reports on XFL cities being chosen, this week’s episode sets the record straight as we discuss everything you need to know when it comes to the future locations of the 8 XFL teams in 2020. As more news comes out, business is picking up and we are jam packed with great XFL talk and a huge week ahead for the league!

The XFL has a planned press event on December 5th to officially unveil the cities, but due to an accidental (or accidentally on purpose) leak on the league website, 8 cities have been named. On this episode, we discuss those 8 cities and we are joined by KSDK Sports Director Frank Cusumano to talk about his report that St. Louis will get an XFL team.


This is the XFL Show Episode 42: Optimum Scouting

This week we learned what the salary structure for players and coaches will look like. Vince and Alan discuss what type of players and coaches the XFL will be able to attract with their tiered salary structure.

Also, a scouting firm called Optimum Scouting will team with the league to assess and scout talent for the inaugural season. We’ll give you background info on Optimum Scouting as well as what this means for the player signings coming in early 2019.