Episode 202: New Hope

Dwayne Johnson appeared on CNBC’s TechCheck this week and dropped a not-so-subtle hint that some big news should be coming out about the XFL in the next month or two. Join this year-end-extravaganza as the original official XFL podcast dives into every word uttered by the Great One. From “new teams” and “new cities,” to a potential TV partner announcement, Johnson has everyone pretty hyped for what is to come for the XFL in early 2022.

In addition to that, you also cannot miss the breakdown of all the new hires to the XFL’s Football Operations department. The team responsible for putting the good crisp football we are expecting on the field is coming together and this week, we discuss who they are and why this is reassuring that 2023 is going to be put together the right way. Enjoy this and of course some end of the year shenanigans on the 2021 finale of This is the XFL Show!

Happy New Year!

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